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It is wise, if not imperative, for taking care of European economic and political interests properly, to join forces and follow the path towards further cooperation. Maybe at distinct paces, but steadfastly and with the clear vision of securing peace, freedom and social care for the sake of human dignity.


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Strasbourg will be a bustling place

of ideas, communication and interaction

on the 1 and 2 of June 2018

by hosting some 8000 young Europeans.


We are proud to be there again

organizing the workshop


So, we cordially invite you to join “ivote4.EU”

at the EYE 2018 and beyond!



The European Union has been facing crisis

for many years. Differences in history, economic

performance and culture have nurtured

nationalism and Euro-skepticism.

At the same time the EU has shown

considerable resistance against the headwinds

and progress has been made in many fields

for the benefit of the citizens.


In an effort of reflection and political

path-finding the European Commission

presented in March 2017 a White Paper

on the future of Europe delineating

five possible alternative scenarios

which might evolve.




United Kingdom voted for "LEAVE".

It is an unfortunate decision for the U.K. as well as

for the European Union.

The British are, however, as European as can be,

and we are confident that this

vote means only a detour on the path to a common

European future!




Europe - It's something to believe in

Europe - It's something to rely on




"Building a citizens' Europe"

Video from the website of the European Commission


 "Winston Churchill: calling for a United States of Europe"
19th December 1946 - Zurich

Video from the website 


 "Schuman Declaration"
9th May 1950 - Paris

Video from the website 


 "Konrad Adenauer speaking
on 2nd July 1966 in Metz"

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